David Gooblar, “So Many Papers, So Little Time” (Vitae by The Chronicle of Higher Education)

11 Nov

David Gooblar, literature and writing instructor, regular Vitae contributor, and owner of has written a post about the crush of papers to grade at this time of the semester. From the article:

It’s not just you. All over the country, college instructors young and old are groaning under the weight of too much grading. For some, this circumstance has already lasted weeks. For other, a back-loaded syllabus is only just now collecting its debts. What once had seemed to be a manageable course load has now revealed itself to be nearly untenable, with piles of ungraded papers taunting you in the office, in the car, at home. Although it happens every semester, the extent of it always comes as something of a surprise, doesn’t it? How are you going to get through all this grading?

Since so many of us are in the same boat, I thought I’d devote this column to some ways to lighten the grading load, at least a little. Although there are no tricks that can magically make all of your papers disappear, there are some ways to make your grading more efficient. Let’s see if we can spend a little less time on grading, and a little more time on other things (like sleep).

Click here to read the full article: And check out the comments, too. Other instructors have left more suggestions for relieving the overload.


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