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“I Took a MOOC, and I Think I Liked It” by Matthew Young, PhD (Faculty Focus)

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Matthew Young, McCoy Professor of History at Marieta College, writes about his first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) experience and how he sees MOOCs fitting into his current understanding of what makes higher education meaningful:

Beyond learning how to make some pretty cool maps, my experience gave me new insight about MOOCs. I am not less concerned about impending revolutions and more interested in the ways MOOC content might be used to supplement what I do in y courses. MOOCs perform some teaching tasks capably. At the same time, if course goals include critical thought and analytical skills, MOOCs fall short. That sort of learning relies on a direct connection between teacher and student, and doing this properly on a massive scale is virtually impossible. Rather than fretting about the likelihood of being replaced by a cabal of masterminds immortalized in streaming video, faculty should be reminding themselves and others that what we promote authentic learning through invaluable that we establish with students.

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